Beta Alpha Alpha of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity has been serving our community and communities around the world for more than 40 years. Learn about the history, founders and members of our chapter.

Our Chapter

Beta Alpha Alpha Chapter was chartered in White Plains, N.Y. on September 18, 1978.

BAA operates several programs in accordance with Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. initiatives. Major programs include; a Talent Hunt program that provides area high school students the opportunity to demonstrate their artistic skills, an Achievement Week Awards program that honors hundreds of male African-American and Latino high school students for their academic accomplishments along with several outstanding adult national/community leaders. BAA also established the not-for-profit Beta Alpha Alpha Foundation, Inc., which at it's annual Scholarship Breakfast, awards thousands of dollars in college scholarships to graduating male African-American and Latino high school students.

Please follow the links below to learn more about the history, service and accomplishments of Beta Alpha Alpha throughout its 46 year history.

A Brief History

During the Spring and Summer of 1978, nine Brothers rich in the history and spirit of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., felt the calling to create a new chapter of their illustrious fraternity.

They envisioned a chapter that would be located in the City of White Plains, NY, the geographic and governmental center of Westchester County. The chapter would be established as a lifetime membership chapter . Life members represent the pinnacle of commitment and dedication to the fraternity; pledging their life to being an active member of Omega, exhibiting her ideals and principles in his all aspects of life. A life membership chapter would radiate a degree of passion, experience and vision that would be unique in the fraternity.

Beta Alpha Alpha Chapter (BAA) was awarded it's charter on September 18, 1978. The charter members were: Thad Conyers, Willie Faulkner, Dr. William Griffin, Harry Jefferson, Jr., Dr. Alphonso Patterson, Fernell Patterson, Jacques Weaver, Archie Williams, Jr. and William Wimbush. Today, life members comprise over a third of the chapter's membership.

Since its beginning in 1978, Beta Alpha Alpha's members and programs have grown. The chapter has delivered or supported youth programs, voter registration drives, senior citizen projects, health fairs, talent hunts, achievement recognition programs and other activities that provide uplift to our community.

BAA established the not-for-profit Beta Alpha Alpha Foundation, Inc. in 1992, which at its annual Scholarship Breakfast, awards thousands of dollars in college scholarships to graduating male African-American and Latino high school students. Over the past forty years, the chapter and the foundation have awarded scholarships to over 175 promising college-bound students.

Beta Alpha Alpha's contributions have been numerous and far-reaching. The future of BAA represents continued opportunities to creatively address the needs of the community that positively impacting the lives of those it serves.

Our Founders

BAA Founders
(Name of Founder Chapter and date initiated)

Thad Conyers - Lambda Sigma 1959
Willie Faulkner - Omicron Iota 1974
Dr. William Griffin
Harry Jefferson, Jr. (1st Basileus) - Pi Psi 1955
Dr. Alphonso Patterson - Alpha 1954
Fernell Pattertson
Jacques Weaver - Omicron Iota
Archie Williams, Jr. - Delta Psi
William Wimbush
Thanks to these visionary Brothers for planting the seed for B.A.A.

Beta Alpha Alpha Programs

Achievement Week

Originally designed to promote the study of Negro life and history. Today, Achievement Week is used to seek out and give due recognition to those individuals at the local and national level who have made a noteworthy contribution toward improving the quality of life for black Americans (see also National High School Essay Contest).

Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program is intended to promote academic excellence among the undergraduate members. Graduate chapters are expected to provide financial assistance to student members and non-members. A portion of the fraternity's national budget is allocated to the Scholarship Fund now called the Charles R. Drew Memorial Scholarship Fund.

National Social Action Program

A committee coordinates the multifaceted program of the chapter. Most chapters are involved in voter registration, "getting-out-the-vote'," support of the NAACP, the National Urban League and hundreds of other programs .

Talent Hunt Program

Originated in the Sixth District (North Carolina and South Carolina) and made its debut at the 1953 Cincinnati Grand Conclave. This program provides exposure, encouragement and financial assistance to talented young people. Currently, some participants at the national level are awarded college scholarships.


Concerted effort at the national, district, and local levels to return inactive brothers to full participatory status.

Assault on Illiteracy Program

A . O . I . P . had its conceptual roots established in January of 1980, when a group of publishers associated with Black Media, Inc. (BMI) was made aware that approximately 44% of black Americans could neither read nor comprehend beyond the 4th grade. Omega Psi Phi and numerous other national organizations joined together to attack and ultimately reduce and eradicate illiteracy among blacks through reading tutorial programs.

Senior Citizens Program

A program designed to provide services to senior citizens. Each Omega Chapter adopts a senior citizen home and implements various programs to enhance the lives of the residents. Additionally, each chapter brother serves as a "foster grandson" to one or more residents.

Omega Men of Excellence

A program designed to promote excellence in black male youth.

Our Brothers

Chapter Members
Chapter Officers
Chapter Basilei
Omega Chapter
Beta Alpha Alpha Chapter Lines
2023-24 Chapter Financial Members
Winston Browne
William Campbell
Joe Cruz*
Will Dixon
David Gardner*
EJ Harrison
Mandell Holland*
Keynon Jackson 
Allen Kelley

Darrel Kidd*
Sekou Ma'at
Dwayne McNeil
Craig Mills*
Mathias Morehead
Corey W. Reynolds*
Brandon Rice
Cameron Rice
Cedric Rice
Walter Rivera
Terrance P. Scott*
Byron Smalls*
Kenneth Tapp*

Bruce Tolbert
Michael Williams
Frank Williams, Jr.
Edward O. Williamson
* Life Members
Mandel Holland - Basileus
Dwayne McNeil - Vice Basileus
Brandon Rice - Keeper of Records & Seal
William Campbell - Keeper of Finance
Frank Williams, Jr. - Chaplain
Darrell Kidd - Immediate Past Basileus
Keeper of Peace - Byron Smalls
Editor to the Oracle - Kenneth Tapp

Mandell Holland - 2022 to Present
Darrell Kidd - 2018 to 2022
Haywood Stephney - 2016 to 2018
Alfonso Morrell - 2012 - 2016
Paul DeBerry - 2010 - 2012
Bruce Tolbert - 2006 to 2010
Steve Schmidt - 2002 to 2006
Kenneth Tapp - 2000 to 2002
Frank Williams, Jr. - 1996 to 2000
Clyde Isley - 1994 to 1996
William Brown - 1992 to 1994
Ron Mimms - 1990 to 1992
Robert Addison - 1986 to 1990
B. Marshall Henderson - 1982 to 1986
Harry Jefferson, Jr. - 1978 to 1982
Thaddeus Conyers, Founder
Alfonso Patterson - Founder
Archie Williams - Founder
Grant Reynolds, 21st Grand Basileus
Robert Addison
Don Ashwood
Ronald Blackwood
Harry Bright
William Brown
Joseph Burnette
William Carter
Paul L. DeBerry
Willie Faulkner
Randall Forest
Earl S. Graves
John Grimes
B. Marshall Henderson
DeQuincy M. Hentz
Hannibal Holmes
Norwood Jackson

Donald Jolly
Theodore Jones, Jr.
Anderson L. Jones, Jr.
Manley Khaleel
Amos Marsh
Jonathan Mosley
John Raymond
Felton Richardson
John W. Reavis, Jr.
Bill Ross
Haywood Stephney
Steven Schmidt
Kenneth Wilder
Harry Jefferson, Jr.

1978 - Founding Chapter Members - Willie Faulkner, Jacques Weaver, William Griffin, Alphonso Patterson, Archie Williams, Fernell Patterson, Thad Conyers, William Wimbush, Harry Jefferson

1980 - 12/20/80: William Brown, Cary Smith Jr., William Ross, Howard Davis, Randall Forrest

1982 - 04/18/82: Ernest Davis, Uriah E. Summers, Albert A. Taylor

1986 - 11/30/86: Ronald L. Blackwood, William E. Green, Hannibal Holmes

1988 - 04/18/88: William Cosby

1990 - 07/21/90: Mel Davis, Paul L. DeBerry, Charles R. Gee, Clyde A. Isley, Rev. Robert L.Mason, Lemar Pitts, John Raymond, Felton N. Richardson, Christian G. Sampson, Stephen P. Smith, Rick Crank

1992 - 04/11/92: Joseph Burnette, Edward O. Bryant jr., Grady F. Fuller III, John S. Gibbs, Jonathan J. Mosley, James G. Smith, Robert E. Tuck

1993 - 12/11/93: Demaree Barnes, Wilbert M. Dixon, Mark G. Turner

1995 - 11/19/95: Mandell Holland, Milton Johnson III

1998 - 04/11/98: Winston R. Browne, William L Carter, Todd G. Day, Kevin Ewing, Terrance P. Scott, Mark A. Innis, Alan Noel

1999 - 06/27/99: Richard Roberts, Dr. Corey W. Reynolds, Victor Freeman, Theodore Jones, III, Michael Johnson, Sr.,            Dwight Deserne, Damon Millar, Cary Smith, III, Wilfredo Lyons, Tony Earl, Sr., Pierre Dobson, James L. Brooks, II,
Robert Manning, Jr.

2001 - 01/27/2001: Cameron Rice, Brandon Rice, Dennis McGloster

2005 - 12/17/2005: Wesley Jones, Byron Smalls

2008 - 04/26/2008: Alfonso Morrell, DeQuincy Hentz, Amos Marsh

2014 - 04/06/2014: Dwayne McNeil, Michael Williams

2015 - 04/11/2015: Matt Morehead, EJ Harrison, Keynon Jackson

2016 - 05/15/2017: Marcus Jones, Jeremy Ricks

2020- 04/04/2020: William Campbell, Dana Lyons


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